Violence against women is and has always been a social problem of global proportions. Differenza Donna, since its establishment in 1989, has been committed to fighting violence in Italy and in any other country, convinced that women can be a great social resource only when their rights and dignity are fully respected. Only those countries that counteract violence against women can be truly defined as advanced societies.

DD’s mission is to support each woman to become economically independent, influential, rich in dignity and wisdom: a woman who knows the value of diversity and is able to interact with other women on the basis of solidarity. As a strategic tool of intervention DD has chosen the women’s shelters, conceived as places of protection, empowerment and re-planning of life for women and children affected by violence.

Yet the shelters serve as well as a social laboratory and places of research and study, since an effective response to violence needs to be based on solidarity relationships among women and on studying the female condition within the framework of legal history, medicine, psychology, sociology and culture.