Centres against Domestic Violence

The Differenza Donna Centres Against Domestic Violence are the main instruments through which the association Differenza Donna prevents and combats gender-based violence.

By ‘combating’ we mean a whole host of activities that overall aim at leading women who have experienced gender-based violence to rediscover their identities, their values and competences, so as to find once again the will to build a new life.

In our centres, women from any country, culture and religion receive support and, if necessary, shelter. Our capital is the motivation, the expertise and the experience of our professional workers. Our best investments are the projects of freedom we set up and make happen.

Our centres are places of well-being, because they are comfortable; because every woman is listened to with competence and attention; because all our guests can enjoy a number of services; because children are attended to with care; because friendships are born here that can last a lifetime; because women can exchange experiences and get to know each others’ traditions, cultures and religion; because it is always possible to bake a cake together… And because we throw a party for every birthday!

We do not envision our centres as places that provide aid, because we are convinced that all forms of aid do not solve problems, but leave them unchanged, ready to reappear as soon as the help ceases. We aim instead at empowering all supported or sheltered women, giving them back the control over their own lives – lives that become enriched by the special experience of conquering their own self-sufficiency, a necessary step to project themselves into a free and independently chosen future. Women who are free to choose, who have a strong identity, who are capable of critically analysing relationships and are aware of their own potential, are an asset for society as a whole.

Our centres offer the following free services: 
24 hours Telephone Helpline
• Shelter for women and their children
• Parenting Support
• Legal, social and psychological advice
• Stalking helpline
• Network actions with local services (schools, hospitals, medical centres etc.)
• Network actions with institutions (municipality, province, courts etc.)
• Cultural mediation
• Self-help groups
• Supervised Parent/Child Contact Services
• Baby garden


Women’s Shelter and Centre for Women Who Want to Exit Violence – Lazio Regional Government
Viale di Villa Pamphili 71/C, 00152 Roma
tel. 06.5810926/06.58332575 – fax 06.5811473

1992: The Centre Against Domestic Violence of the Province of Rome, managed by Differenza Donna NGO, is set up. Since then, it has supported more than 600 women each year. The evidence and the efficiency of our positive management have made the Centre an example of excellent service at local, national and international level, and a point of reference for women who have experienced violence as well as for workers, professionals and politicians who are involved in combating gender-based violence.

The centre offers the following specialised services:

  • 24 hours Telephone Helpline
  • Shelter for women and their children
  • Parenting Support
  • Legal, social and psychological advice
  • Stalking helpline
  • Network actions with local services (schools, hospitals, medical centres etc.)
  • Network actions with institutions (municipality, province, courts etc.)
  • Cultural mediation
  • Self-help groups
  • Supervised Parent/Child Contact Services
  • Baby garden


Women’s Shelter and Centre for Women and their Children – Lazio Region
Via Monte delle Capre 23, 00148 Roma
tel.06. 6535499 – fax 06.65793567

2000: The Centre “Maree” (“Tides”) is set up and assigned to Differenza Donna. Since then, it has provided support and refuge to about 8000 women. Differenza Donna has managed the centre with an eye to building a significant network of institutional and non-institutional stakeholders, in order to develop good practices and guidelines to facilitate and support women who are exiting violence, also when minor children are with them.

The centre offers the following specialised services:

  • ascolto telefonico 24 ore su 24 tutti i giorni dell’anno
  • accoglienza e ospitalità per donne che sperimentano gravidanze e maternità difficili
  • educazione alla salute e Codice Rosa
  • ospitalità nelle situazioni di grave povertà o abbandono
  • consulenza legale, sociale, psicologica
  • avvio di procedure con i servizi territoriali (scuole, ospedali, consultori, ecc.) e con le istituzioni (Comune, Provincia, Regione, Tribunale per i Minorenni, Tribunale Civile e Penale)
  • mediazione scolastica e culturale
  • progetti personalizzati di uscita dalla violenza e reinserimento socio-lavorativo
  • gruppi di auto-aiuto per donne sopravvissute a gravi violenze
  • spazio per incontri protetti tra minorenni e figure genitoriali e familiari
  • baby garden
  • Sportello NORA per donne anziane vittime di violenza;
  • Sportello A.ST.R.A. (Anti Stalking Risk Assessment) per donne vittime di stalking, che offre:
    • sostegno psicologico alla vittima durante la delicata fase di “raccolta’ delle prove”
    • valutazione del rischio di recidiva e di escalation con i metodi Thais (Threat Assessment of Intimate Stalking) e Silvia (Stalking Inventory List per Vittime e Autori) per lo stalking fra ex partner
    • monitoraggio e follow-up dei casi per la verifica dell’efficacia dei percorsi giudiziari ed extragiudiziari intrapresi


“Prendere il Volo” – Women’s Centre and Shelter for Women who are Victim of Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation  
Via Monte delle Capre 23, 00148 Roma
tel.06.6570473 – fax 06.65746819

2004: The centre “Prendere il Volo” (“Taking off”) is set up, thanks to the funding of the Department for Equal Opportunities, Presidency of the Council of Ministers. It offers support services that are specifically targeted to women who have been victims of trafficking (according to article 18 D. Lgs n. 286/1998 and article 13 D. Legge n. 228/2003.). From 2016 on, the centre has kept supporting and giving shelter to women victims of trafficking as part of the “Lazio Anti-Trafficking Network” project, funded by the Department for Equal Opportunities.

The centre offers the following specialised services:

  • Secure shelter for 5 women victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation
  • Support in applying for residency permit, according to article18 D. Lgs n. 286/1998, and in all administrative and bureaucratic procedures
  • Health services aimed at prevention and treatment
  • Personalised projects for social and professional reintegration
  • Legal advice and representation in court
  • Psychological and social counselling
  • Job orientation
  • Psychological and Physical rehabilitation
  • 24 hours helpline

As of 2013, Differenza Donna is part of the National Anti-Trafficking Programme; it has participated as expert in the National Observatory on prostitution and associated crimes, which was established on 24th January 2007 within the Department of Public Safety, with the aim of researching how to better prevent and combat the phenomenon of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, improving and enhancing the provisions of aid and protection for the victims.


Centre Against Domestic Violence – Lazio Region
Via Cornelio Sisenna, 53 00169 Roma
tel. 0693567964

Centre Against Domestic Violence La Sibilla
Via Lione 11, 00019 TIVOLI (RM)
tel. 0774/013163, Mobile 342 0141671 available 24 hours a day
The “La Sibilla” Center will also be present in the Municipalities of:
VICOVARO – every Tuesday, 10.00 am to 1.00 pm at the Presidio Sanitario in Largo Cesare Battisti (Via Roma 33 car park)
SAMBUCI – every Thursday, 10.00 am to 1.00 pm inside Castello Theodoli in Piazza di Corte, 8


Centre Against Domestic Violence Aretusa – supporting women from the Piano Sociale S10 area– Atena Lucana (SA) 
Via Stazione (ex scuola dell’infanzia ) Atena Lucana Scalo (SA)
tel. 0975 1966166 – Numero Verde 800413300;

The centre offers the following specialised services:

  • Assistance
  • Phone helpline
  • Meetings by appointment
  • Risk assessment
  • Support in exiting violence
  • Legal advice
  • Network actions with local institution, health services, police force, law courts, private associations.

All services are provided free of charge by Differenza Donna qualified professionals, and guarantee full anonymity and privacy to all women using the service.


Helpdesk against multiple discriminations

2014: Differenza Donna launches a helpdesk for disabled women experiencing multiple discriminations.
Our helpdesk offers support to disabled women who experience or have experienced violence. When it comes to disabled women, a number of gender issues, among which gender-based violence, are still understudied due to cultural and social barriers as well as stereotypes and prejudices. Gender-based violence on disabled women has little social resonance, although these women’s very vulnerability is a factor of greater risk.

A number of civilised countries have advanced proposals that deny disabled women their right to be mothers and, indirectly, their right to sexuality, such as forced sterilisation. Sobsey (1990) individuates 5 myths that help us better understand the victimisation of disabled women: 1) de-humanisation: disabled women are considered less “human” and inferior in comparison with able-bodied women; accordingly, gender-based violence against them receives less consideration. 2) the social perception of disabled women as “damaged good”; 3) the widespread perception that disabled women “do not feel pain” or pleasure; 4) the fact that in some cases, disabled women are experienced as a “social threat”; 5) the fact that, in other cases, they are experienced as “needy” and therefore as easy targets.
Some recent European recommendations (Ocse – Closing the Gender gap, 2012; EuropeanDisability Forum, end Manifesto on the Rights of Women and Girls with Disabilities in the European Union, 2011) stress the need to include specific practices against gender-based violence on disabled women within policies that prevent and combat gender-based violence. 16% of the total female EU population are disabled. About 40 million women and girls are disabled, and gender-based violence is the first cause of death or invalidity for women between 15 and 44 years of age.

Centro per donne vittime di violenza e in difficoltà antiviolenza “Le Lune”
2008-2016: il Centro, finanziato dal Comune di Guidonia-Montecelio e gestito da Differenza Donna in ATI con due associazioni di genere del territorio: Arnica e Le Pleiadi.
Il Centro, che risponde alle richieste di un territorio che comprende 30 Comuni aventi come capofila il Comune di Guidonia, è specializzato in interventi di accoglienza delle problematiche strettamente connesse alla violenza di genere, in particolare domestica e stalking, ma anche di tipo relazionale, soprattutto in merito al rapporto genitori/figli. Il Centro è un punto di riferimento per i Servizi Sociali, Sanitari e Istituti Scolastici territoriali, per le forze dell’ordine e per la Procura di Tivoli.
A oggi il progetto è concluso.


Casa di Semiautonomia “Franca Viola”
2015 – 2013 La Casa di Semiautonomia gestita da Differenza Donna si trova all’interno del territorio del Municipio Roma XV. Nasce dall‘esigenza di creare accoglienza ed ospitalità per donne sole o con figli minori, in dimissione dai Centri Antiviolenza, al fine di consentire loro il compimento di un percorso orientato al pieno raggiungimento di una propria autonomia.

Gli obiettivi operativi della Casa Franca Viola” sono:

  • Fornire una sistemazione abitativa della durata massima di 1 anno per i nuclei usciti da situazioni di violenza ed in fase di raggiungimento della completa autonomi
  • Assicurare un rafforzamento del percorso formativo e professionale attraverso l’acquisizione di competenze professionali e capacità relazionali nonché del raggiungimento dell’autonomia economica
  • Sostenere e rafforzare il processo di acquisizione di responsabilità genitoriale
  • Sviluppare il processo di autonomia per la costruzione di un progetto di vita
  • Sostenere l’inserimento sociale e territoriale del nucleo madre-figlie/i

Progetto EWA – Empowering Women Antiviolence
2016 – 2015 Lo sportello EWA si trova presso il Municipio XV in Via Cassia 472
Lunedì e giovedì dalle ore 10.00 alle ore 13.30.
TEL. 345/1624248

Il progetto nasce da una profonda analisi geografica, demografica e storica del Municipio Roma XV, che ospita uno sportello antiviolenza per donne che subiscono violenza di genere con il supporto tecnico – specialistico dell’Associazione Differenza Donna ONG.

Lo sportello opera in sinergia con i centri antiviolenza gestiti da DD e offre:

  • ACCOGLIENZA A DONNE IN SITUAZIONI DI DISAGIO : ascolto telefonico h24- colloqui su appuntamento – sostegno nel percorso per la riconquista della propria autonomia.
  • FORMAZIONE- INFORMAZIONE: incontri formativi con operatori  del territorio e con le scuole sul tema della violenza.
  • SOSTEGNO LEGALE: rivolto a donne che necessitano consulenza in ambito civile, penale e minorile.
  • SEGRETARIATO SOCIALE: sostegno nell’accesso alla rete dei servizi del territorio per il recupero della propria autonomia economica, sociale ed abitativa.


Centro Antiviolenza del Comune di Roma “Donatella Colasanti e Rosaria Lopez”
1997-2015: Nel corso degli anni sono state accolte circa 10000 donne. Dal 2000 il Centro viene intitolato a Donatella Colasanti e Rosaria Lopez, due giovani vittime della efferata violenza sessuale usata contro di loro in una villa del Circeo nel 1975, violenza che portò alla morte di Rosaria e a un trauma senza rimedio per Donatella.


Centro per donne in difficoltà La Ginestra

2005: Finanziato da Solidea – Istituzione di genere femminile e solidarietà della Provincia di Roma Differenza Donna svolge supervisione, monitoraggio dei progetti individuali delle donne ospiti ed accolte con i loro figli minori.
Ad oggi il progetto di supervisione del Centro è concluso.